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Spring 2018 PHY 2400

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First Lab on January 16, 2018[edit]

Part 1-


I looked at the motion detector and watched someone plug it in because it was dead. Then I played around with the motion detector and got it to run. Next, I watched and helped to make a a time vs. position graph which looked like a parabola.

The results for the graph are:

position at time 0s was .609m,

position at time .48s was .538m,

position at time 1.44s was .181m.

Part 2-

wikiversity:Physics and Astronomy Labs/Uniform acceleration tapping basketball with spitwads

This lab is called Tapping Basketballs with Spitwad Lab. And what you do it in it is you get in groups then someone marks off every 5 tiles in the hallway. Then another person in the group taps a basketball with a meter stick at a constant rate so it accelerates at a constant pace. Then the person assigned to time the ball, at every second, yells then the other people in the group throw spitwads on the ground to mark where the ball was every second. Then you compare the distance and the time.

Second Lab on January 23, 2018 [edit]

For Lab 2, you can find the lab report for our group on 006 account.

Third Lab on February 6, 2018[edit]

What I did, and the people in my group did, was we compared our reports from Lab 2 with a different group who did the same lab. Then we concluded that our group and the other group practically did the same exact lab minus the other group set theirs up a bit differently and got different results. Then the groups who did the Motion Detector Lab explained to our group what they did and how they did their lab. Then we edited Jan's Report on her Motion Detector Lab. And what we edited was we added a conclusion to her report, which her original one lacked. To find what we did, go to and under SandBox1 you can find our edit.

Fourth Lab on February 13, 2018[edit]

What we did in class was we went over problems for Free-Body Diagrams and found the sums of Fx and Fy.

Fifth Lab on February 20, 2018[edit]

In lab we explained the formula we used for doing the ping pong lab and how we got our results. Then we did the ping pong lab as a whole class. And my group also played around with the Motion Sensors.

Sixth Lab on March 6, 2018[edit]

In lab we tried and figured out the tan of 20 degrees by drawing a triangle and doing algebra to solve it.

Seventh Lab on March 13, 2018[edit]

In lab we found the tensions of the strings that were suspending weights in the air then we played the card game.

Eighth Lab on March 27, 2018[edit]

In lab we made a cover page for the centripetal force lab. Then me and my partner found the centripetal force, period, frequency and mass of the object that spun around.

Ninth Lab on April 3, 2018[edit]

In lab we modified the lab that we worked on last week with centripetal force. Then we went over some of the test questions for T4.

Tenth Lab on April 10, 2018[edit]

In lab we went over error analysis then we went over problems on the final exam.

11th Lab on April 17, 2018[edit]

In we lab we went over Doppler Shift.